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Neem Begun (Dry) 150 G

Neem Begun (Dry) 150 G
Neem Begun (Dry) 150 G
Neem Begun (Dry) 150 G
Neem Begun (Dry) 150 G
Neem Begun (Dry) 150 G
Bengali Neem Begun (Eggplant & Neem) Dry
On much popular demand Bengali Special Recipe is back with rural flavors of Bengal. These product will give you a glimpse of rural Bengal and the taste that we urbanites are missing or lost today amidst the chaos of imported flavors. Neem Begun, the much famed  bitter stories of Bengali’s meal platter.
Neem Begun , an old school traditional Bengali dish, very ancient and very ethnic. A true spring detox recipe to cleanse out the system. Neem pata diye begun bhaja is nothing but crispy fried neem leaves (powder) with dry cubed brinjals.  A Bengali meal typically starts with something bitter. And this is in an accordance with ancient Ayurvedic practices. A typical meal should starts with something bitter, followed by other tastes of spicy, pungent, astringent, sour and should ends on a sweet note. And our love for bitter food does not starts and ends with bitter gourd only. 
  • Tender neem leaves powder 
  • Eggplant Dry (Begun)

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